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English May and Might

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Hi, could you give me an easy example when or how to use may and might?
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Might is the past tense of may, use might every time you are referring to the past!
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(09-05-2013 04:28 PM)destroyer Wrote:  Hi, could you give me an easy example when or how to use may and might?
You can use may for asking permission, which is the formal way of asking.
May I borrow your computer
May we think about it
May I leave now

You can use may to suggest the possibility of something
It may snow later today
I may not have the time available to do that today
Chod may come with us

You use might to suggest a possibility. Often might suggests a smaller possibility than may, though there is little difference and might is more commonly used.
He might be home by now, but it's not sure at all
It might snow later today
I might not have the time to go to the store for you
I might not go

For past you will want to use might have
She might have tried to call while I was gone
I might have dropped my phone in the street

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This about it this way!

May is used to describe present action!
Might is used to describe feature action!

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