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Explain Keyword cannibalization?

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Explain Keyword cannibalization?
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Keyword cannibalization can take place unintentionally but if the website info. on multiple sites comes withe sing keyword as title only then it will influence badly on ranking.
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Keyword cannibalization is when a single website (e.g. ahrefs.com) unintentionally targets the same keyword across multiple posts or pages. In other words, they believe that it becomes difficult for Google to decipher which page (if any) should rank for a particular keyword.
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same keywords targets into same posts and pages
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Keyword cannibalization happens when a website’s information architecture rely on a single keyword or phrase on multiple place of the website.
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Keyword cannibalization is when your website has multiple pages that are mainly targeting the same core keyword or keyword topic.
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Keyword Cannibalization occurs when you have multiple pages on your website that all target with a single keyword or phrase. While this can occur unintentionally, having a bunch of pages with the same keyword in the title, anchor, header tags, for instance, can really cause you trouble regarding Google’ guidelines.
By this, Google will crawl your site and will see the dozen of different pages being “relevant” for the same keyword. But, Google will have to choose between those pages the one that seems to be the most valuable to the query.

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