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Flash for Websites

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Flash proprietary software from Adobe.
It requires separate plugin to run on pages.
Implementation is consistent across all browsers.
It has wealth of capabilities, including 3D graphics.
Most of Desktops and Laptops have flash installed.
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Flash makes the website look cool but it has many disadvantages. The biggest of all is SEO as flash content can't be indexed which means that you can have the best content in the world and yet rank very low cause Google will never be able to index it. The other disadvantage is that it increase website load time as the page containing flash player is considerably bigger than normal HTML one1. The last one is that now all web browsers have adobe flash player installer which means the website will not work correctly.
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From the SEO prospective these type of website are terrible as Marcus mentioned above the content they contain won't get index. If you don't care about search engine optimization then it's great idea! However remember that many users are blocking ads, JavaScript, Popups and in many case Flash which.

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