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Free SEO software?

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Are you aware of some good and free software for seo?
Increasing PR, Rankings
Getting, generating traffic, backlinks.
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Free SEO Tools:

Backlinks/Traffic Builders
Traffic Travis - Free SEO software used for Pay-Per-Click campaign management
GSA - Google seach engine ranker - Most effective tool in Grey Hat/Black Hat SEO - You can get only free trials

Keyword Suggestion Tools:
Uber Suggest - Best keyword suggestion tool (It has some daily limitation)
Word Stream - Inbuilt keyword researcher, niche finder, keyword grouper and negative keyword analsis tool
Google keyword Planner - World's best keyword suggestion tool

Backlinks Analysers
Ahrefs - Backlinks Analyser (Free - Limited/day)
SEO Spyglass - In free it scrapes up to 1500 backlinks of a website

Google Webmaster/Bing Webmaster Tools
Suggest and tells most of the defects in a website.
Duplicate meta tags, crawl rate, search queries, back-links pointing to the website...etc

Duplicate conent checker:
Copyscape - Checks duplicated content very effectively

URL Shortening Service - Permanent Re-directs
Bit.ly - Shorten the URL for free & the generated short URL is a kind of permanent redirects
Goo.gl - Google URL shorting service

Content Rewriter
WordAi - Best content rewriter (Free 3 day trial)

Website Analyser
Woorank - Best analyser (Register & use it for unlimited checks)
SEO Site Checkup - Same as like Woorank
MozBar - Stats 50 keys tasks

Website Speed Checkers
Google page speed insights - Get the score above 86% or 7+ passed rules
tools.pingdom - Help analyse page speed, DNS issues, image load time errors and scripts issues.

Look any website back
Way back machine - Find the history of websites with the help of screenshots

I've added only few, Members can please add more and more free tools/service in this thread & avoid adding the same Smile
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@KevinMax that is an outstanding reply man. I personally would rather spend that money on some SEO expert rather than on some software that does stuff I don't have a clue about Smile
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Oh My God, It's really a Wonderful & amazing list of GREAT SEO Software !

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