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Free online advertising?

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Is there a way to advertise online for free? My goal is to generate traffic with free ads but before spending money of paid PPC I would like to know is there is a free version of it Smile
KevinMax Offline referral

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Absolutely NO, when you search PPC Campaigns for free of cost Smile

But there are many other ways to advertise your business online for free. Classified submission and Business listings are the best way to represent the product/services to cover the local visitors.

Why should other advertise your business for free - You do that buddy?
An idea! If you create some affiliate programs successful - It will get popular automatically.
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Dude stop wasting your time effort and money on free ads YES money free is just a marketing trick to bring in more customers. Go for PPC.
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Targeting your local market should be your first priority and how can you do this is by placing your products or services in front of them. submit your ads to free classified directory online, also do a little research about free advertising directory, in any means of advertising do make sure you track them. No matter what it takes people will come to check your stuff, also use free content to keep them alive it doesn't really matters if they don't accept what you offer to them so far they op-tin into your list you can eventually convert them to your regularly customer.

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