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Fresh content will support keyword ranking?

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Fresh content will support keyword ranking?
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Don't really understand your question!

If you post a quality and original and keyword optimized not keyword stuffed content it has pretty good chance to rank high without backlinks!
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Having done your keyword research, have you actually used those words in your content? Or if you’ve already created some quality content before doing research, perhaps it’s time to revisit that material and do some editing.
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Writing high-quality articles should be a key aspect of every SEO strategy. Content writing needs some of your creative writing skills, though. And let’s be honest, many blogs are hardly readable and not at all informative, entertaining nor inspiring.
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Yes fresh content will help in improving keyword ranking, make sure you do have realistic stats with useful information to divert more users for your content!!
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Yes it does contribute but as stated if you just keep submitting and adding garbage content it wont help. You need to share useful information, things worth reading. Also check for spelling mistakes/grammar.
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fresh , unque , category and keyword focused content will surely improve your ranking . do not publish copied content . also build do-follow backlinks to get higher rank
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fresh and unique content will improve keyword ranking.
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(03-29-2017 08:19 AM)macrosoft Wrote:  Fresh content will support keyword ranking?

Please explain it, Which types of content web page content or promotional content ?

Google this topic

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