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Full Width Backgrounds

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In the Website, screen borders and page margins may become things of past. now trends are full width background images that fill the screen completely with text over them. This is providing great online user experience to visitor's.
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The background image or a color has to fill the entire screen and then you add margin and padding to the content. Heaving the content too close to the edge of the screen will make it hard to read by the user thus creating bad user experience. Separate the content as much from the border as you can.

Don't use one single image for the background there is no ways you can make it work with all screen resolutions. Instead used small one and use CSS repeat property.
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Background has to be full width, only the content then given the margin or padding.
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As a dependable guideline, a determination of 72 dpi ("specks per inch") is sufficient however you can explore different avenues regarding 96 dpi too. The suggested foundation picture measure for Wix destinations is 1250×800 or anything higher than that yet with similar extents.

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