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Get more traffic to my site with Blogger blog

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Hi I need more traffic but nothing seems to work for me, however I have stumbled upon a post explaining how to drive traffic from Blogger blog, could you tell me what type of blog gets a lot of traffic?
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Honestly if none of know what this site in question is, its content and many other factors like that there is no simple way to give helpful advice on such a topic.

If nothing is working for you, I would go back to looking at your site and its content and things like that before I started to worry about driving more traffic to me. Obviously your site is being seen as a low ranking authority and probably also thin content site. But there could be other or more issues at play.

Running around your network with your head cut off trying to throw "fixes" at anything you can think of will never fix something only temporarily patch it.

Also if you cant get traffic to site 1 how can you get traffic to your new blogger blog? Also if you have content related or similar issues this new blog will get hit just like the first one. Stop looking for a simple quick fix. Everything online takes time, effort and money. Have you even considered your host could be effecting your traffic as well Wink
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Yeah save your time and effort and focus more on your site #1. As Chod said if you can't get traffic to your only site how do you expect to do it for your blog.

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