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Get my website on Google first page fast rank top search results?

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What is the secret of getting on the first page of Google fast? I see many websites posting new content and in less than 24 hours it's rankings on top 10 search results how do it work?
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SEO is divided into two components: On-site optimization and Off-site optimization that is the key to high Google rankings and PR.

On-page optimization is used to optimize website itself (Performance, load time, WC3 errors, content)
Off-page Optimization is used for generating traffic and backlinks.

Optimize your website and get backlinks that is all you need! Make sure to stay away from black hat SEO don't turn to shortcuts cause it can inflict devastating blow to your SEO.
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If your website doesn't permit posting text content then create a blog on your domain name and post there also don't forget to link back to your main site from your blog posts.
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P.S. There is no secret to the first page of Google rankings it's pretty clear! What Google wants is to provide users with great user experience which means that it cares big time about sites heaving good content any spam and thin, low quality sites will be removed from high rankings.
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What Google top ranking position is all about?

When you see the website showing on the first page that meas the site has an outstanding on-site and off-site optimization meaning it has great content, tons of backlinks, has minimum amount of HTML WC3 errors, and the website itself load time is fast. These are only top factors that have direct influence upon rankings!

Try by checking your top ranking competitors and learn what they have that you don't!

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