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We all know how important is for any online business to rank high on Google or to show on Google first page for keywords related to online business but it's not easy you need to spend time on all these on-page optimization and off-page optimization I mean you need to do a lot of seo but is it even possible to get ranking high on Google for free or seo costs money in other words to improve seo and have great results costs money or search engine optimization is free?
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If anyone understand this thread, can you please explain it me clearly, thank you guys in advance
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SEO is free but it takes time to learn all those SEO techniques and tricks, once you learn it then you can apply what you learned to improve your search engine optimization for free. However if you don't have patience or desire to learn but want your SEO improved then you have to pay someone to do the hard work for you.

So no to rank high on Google you don't have to spend money on SEO. But you have to realize that even if you pay some SEO expert it will still take time!
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Good quality SEO costs money! I would rather invest relatively small amount of money on SEO and get results fast instead of trying to do SEO myself and wait years for it to take affect if you lucky then maybe you will start ranking high for some low ranking keywords.
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It depends on the keywords, in some niche industries the competition is surprisingly low, and getting on the first page of Google is not that difficult at all
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If you want to increase your ranking on goggle you need to build backlinks. Its is free but you have to spend lot of your valuable time to to that. You can hire someone who is expert in build backlinks for low price. Follow the bellow link to find an expert.
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SEO is free of cost, but it takes our time to see the result of it, Surely it will take some days to see result if you hire a SEO expert because SEO is a process which take time to see your result, if you are too busy, that you can't do SEO then you can hire a SEO expert at low cost and make him work on it.

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