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Getting my website indexed FAST by Google?

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How do make Google come and index my new content right away just after I post it? The problem is that I have to wait days for the Google to download my sitemap and resubmitting it every time I post an article could do more harm than good so what are the alternative ways to get fast indexing?
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Pinging website is bad for SEO but if you ping new content then it will get your content index faster.


You can also ping the sitemap if you don't want to resubmit it. Getting links to such content will also increase indexing speed.
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If your website uses RSS feed then submit it to as many directories as you can this will ensure that new content will get picked up much quicker as Google crawls those directories constantly.
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Apart from pinging, is reviews websites help to index new websites to Google?
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Google automatically index your webpages within some minutes/hours when your website is so popular or has some brand value in it.

If the website is less popular then you need to take some steps to index it quickly. My advice is to wait for some time to get indexed organically. Remember Spiders always looking for new fresh content, If the content satisfies the spiders request (Content organic traffic + Shares).... It will index your page within no time.

(10-07-2014 07:45 PM)seobangalore Wrote:  Apart from pinging, is reviews websites help to index new websites to Google?

Of course, reviews sharing websites helps indexing the website very soon. Like trustpilot, woorank, scamadvisor...etc

Note: Recently I heard a news that Google looks YELP (Local listings & its reviews) when rankings the local websites. Google always looking for some brand review sharing websites and it may have a database for scam websites. Maybe?

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