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Goal of UX Design

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Goal of UX Design is to capture the heart and mind of the end user by make easy to motivate and engage with design. Understand the elements of behavior that influence experience design.
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Website design is not all about making the website look pretty but it's more about reducing bounce rate in other words you wanna design the website so that whoever is using it will have clearly visible options to check some other pages.

Something like a shopping mall when you have products that sell most at the back of the store so that customers will have to walk by different products on their way.
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User experience design (UXD or UED) is a process of making your website cool so that customers and users using it will be happy and satisfied.
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Myth #27: UX configuration is about ease of use. Planning for the client encounter has significantly more to it than making an item usable. Ease of use enables individuals to effectively fulfill their objectives. ... A decent outline is pleasurable, insightfully made, makes you glad, and gets you inundated.

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