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Goblin shark, rare deep-water species, caught off U.S. coast

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Goblin shark how cool is that! A new specie discovery for me is always great news because it makes you see the big picture and realize that there a so much to be discovered on our own planet not need to go to Mars looking for live!

This new shark specie looks pretty ugly to me but this is most likely because we are used to the appearance of a normal shark.

Anyways do you believe that it was created by the nature or maybe US government is responsible for that YES that's right people have been playing and experimenting with animal genes for years so it could really be one of those super secret experiments.
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Less than 5% of the ocean had been explored so it's totally normal for new discoveries to be made. There even maybe aliens hiding deep in the ocean and we don't even realize that instead we are looking into the cosmos for them Smile

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