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Good Open Source E-Commerce Platforms?

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What are the best open source Ecommerce platforms? Which one do you use?
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The best top 5 free open source E-Commerce platforms:

1. Magento
2. OsCommerce
3. OpenCart
4. Zen Cart
5. WordPress
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This are the questions you should be asking yourself:

Stock Size: Always consider your size of stock, and whenever you’re browsing for an store platform to use, make sure you’re paying the smallest amount of money for the services that you require. Many businesses will provide alternative payment methods for just a couple of products.
Digital or Physical: This is always the question to ask. What is it that you’re selling? Digital or physical goods? It makes all the difference when thinking about shipping costs, etc,. Look for platforms that suit your product needs.
Payment Method: If you’ve got issues with using PayPal (the most easy and popular payment processor), you’ll need to look into making arrangements, as not all eCommerce platforms favor 3rd party payment processors.
Self-Hosted or Hosted: Exactly what I was mentioning in the opening paragraph. If you feel you’re confident in modifying the look of your online store (on regular basis), look for platforms that will enable you to have a self-hosted version of the store. Either way, most eCommerce platforms provide the ability to modify your store within a live environment.
Payment Plan: Last but not least, select the platform that best suits your budget. Look for opportunities to pay monthly amounts instead of relying on giving a small percentage of a sale to the company that is hosting your platform.
Good ones:
Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify etc. A lot of information that'll be helpful for U below:
8 Questions That Help You To Choose E-Commerce Platform
Making Sales Is Great! But Now What?
Inventory Management For Ecommerce Websites
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Back in 2014 it is opencart, prestashop, magento community, zen cart, etc. You can also conduct some research online for you to find out.
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Talking about Best Open Source E-commerce Platforms, there are six platforms which come into my mind -
  1. osCommerce
  2. Open Cart
  3. WooCommerce
  4. SimpleCart
  5. Magento
  6. PrestaShop
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Agree with Victor,
These 5 are the best
1. Magento
2. OsCommerce
3. OpenCart
4. Zen Cart
5. WordPress

Want to add 1 more important platform, that is PrestaShop!
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Have you heard about wordpress? It can be one of the most effective way sustain your campaign.
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I think the best solution for you is WooCommerce from WP.

It is simple, free and you need not be a programming expert to deal with WordPress. Too simple to understand, go with it.

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