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You really should fix your Google+ title and put your actual form name in there so you can actually find your Google+ page in a search result. Forum boards is what Google is assuming your name is because of where you put that. If its related to keywords, put keywords in your posts not your where your Name goes. Try search in the google+ bar for letsforum lets forum or letsforum.com it wont come up until you type in Forum boards.

Also you should follow people back, if you are going to promote a social media avenue engage on there just as much as you do on here. Wink
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Chod thanks very much buddy, sorry for that I am still new to Google Plus so I apologies for not to follow people back. I am quite busy and spend most of the time at LetsForum.com. I will try to make these changes you have recommended. Thanks, great having you around 001_tt1

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