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What is “Google Suggest” or “Autocomplete”?
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Google Suggest and Autocomplete Scraper will allow you to download search phrases which are suggested by Google when users type in a search.
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When we search a query in Google, its shows some suggestion which is autocomplete.
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Google Auto Suggest can be helpful to users and sometimes not because of the unrelated terms that pops up in the suggestion drop down box.
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In order to give you best possible result of your search google gives you auto suggests these suggestions are also based on your search history also.
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Google Suggest or Autocomplete is a Google search engine function which provides suggestions to users to complete the search query while they are entering
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If you make a search on the web for example google, then you type a word there will be a list of keyword phrases that will show up right after the word you type or/and also will show up below the word you type. That is what you called auto suggest. It is like the search engine is giving suggestions on what you are possibly searching on the web.

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