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Google Cloaking?

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How can I use this method to increase rankings an get my website on Google first page Smile
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Cloaking is the concept of showing/presenting different content to spider and to the end user.

Note: Cloakers done this by identifying the IP addresses of Google data centers. The idea is to deliver a different content when a user is "search engine spider".
It is a black hat no longer used technique. And now Google can easily identifies & ban you Smile Even some are using for delivering the ads based on the Geo-IP address (May be an useful technique).
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Pretty easy if you know the search engine IP addresses.

Here is a list of known Google, Yahoo, Bing IPs
Search Engine bots IP address
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Building good relations with the local media in your targeted countries is another way of getting exposure for your brand. Start building relations with not only the bigger news mediums but also with reputed bloggers. This way you will surely get some dependable and esteemed back links to your pages.

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