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Google+ Communities

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Google+ Communities are place for people to get together and talk about the interest they share. You can join on existing community or create new one.
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It's also a great place for marketing! I get better results marketing my products and cervices on Google Plus than on Facebook and Twitter combine. I am doing free marketing!

The only thing I don't like about it is that it's very slow social media site takes forever to load.
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Sharing content to a community is much like sharing to one of your circles. While you can post to your respective community directly from the community's page, you can also post from basically anywhere on the platform. If you find a story you'd like to share with your community, but you're not on Google+ at that time, use the +1 button from the story's page and select your respective community.
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Yes google+ is most useful in marketing field and we are learn some important informations and details...

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