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Google Impressions and Clicks - SEO?

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Does Google impressions matter in seo? I mean my impression dropped and are now in red but my clicks are in green and I get plenty of traffic from Google (organic traffic) despite the fact that my impressions are in negative and dropping?
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If Google impressions are dropping it's unmistakable sign of problems or issues with your SEO! The traffic you get could be from a few queries that still show in the search engine but sooner or later they will be gone too so you will lose all your traffic. You probably were hit by Google Panda or Google Penguin algorithm, try to identify what did you do wrong, but mostly it's due to poor quality or lack of good quality content!
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Google impressions is very important for seo, it will show your site performance for which keywords your site perform well, so go check the dropped impression keywords and fix it.
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Impressions are not suppose to always go up it's like a market that goes up and down but what matters is the final long term figure! Instead of comparing daily Google impressions try monthly!

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