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Google Insights load speed score?

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Which is the lowest score Google is happy with? I mean since I don't think my website will be able to get 100 I am wondering which is the OK or optimum score?
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as fast as you can, upto 85 are great.
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The average Google Page Speed score is around 80.78. It would be interesting to compute the range of the true population average for the Google Page Speed score, as this provides a more useful estimate. Google PageSpeed Insights is Google’s tool that webmasters can use to test the page-loading speed of their websites. It will test both mobile and desktop versions of your site. It tells you what is slowing down your site and gives you suggestions on how to fix it.
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Try to get 86% or above and 6+ rules must be passed.
Minifying all the entire scripts of all the pages will increase the ratio.
Consider reducing image sizes and fixing the syntax errors.

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