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Google Insights score?

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Which is OK Google Insights score is OK to have? Obviously I can't get 100 Smile How about 90 is it hard to get?

P.S. Mine is like 50.
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Google speed is very important should be given high priority. Score of 86 and above is considered OK. You don't need to ask how to improve it since Insights will tell you what should be fixed and what you can consider fixing. Install Insights add-on for Chrome which will give you more detailed report.
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Make sure to have at least 6 Passed Rules
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Bit tough to score 85+ for an Ecommerce website Smile Static websites with 25+ Pages? You can increase the speed above 85% with bit hard work.
Remember whole site optimization - Optimize each and every page - Provide the importance as given to your Index page.

The following is one my site which contains 188 pages: My developers done this within 2 days of some tricky work.
Google Insights score

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