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Google Makes mistakes?

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Do we can take any measures regarding this?
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Google is run by algorithms that are programed to do specific tasks. If you can just learn how some particular algorithm works what it was programed to do you can rank pretty high in Google by adjusting your website SEO according to that.
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Don't get involved in black hat seo as this will sooner or later trigger some kind of update.
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Google works with the help of automatic bots (Spiders/crawlers/Robots). Robots are designed by humans, Obviously human makes mistakes then Robots? Why not?. Robots do mistakes Smile
Googlebot doesn't work cent percent so why people are talking about Black Hat/Grey Hat mechanisms.

Understanding search engine behaviour is a typical task - Watch every release regarding Google search engine / SEO updates / Moz Studies / SearchEngineLand lookup and some discussions on search engine forums may show you how search engine works & its mistakes.
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Yeah. I engaged this digital marketing for my website. Then I got a a call from the "support team". Agent said I would get an account manager for free. So, they created a new paid pay per click campaign for me. I did not like the ads, the keywords were also off the wall. I think my agency did a far more better job than these guys

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