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Google Mobile friendly algorithm released on 21st April 2015-FAQ

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Google Mobile-friendly algorithm which helps to get a clear understanding about this new update.
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Support Team
There is really nothing to understand about this new Google update.

It's very straightforward if the website is not "mobile friendly" it will not show on Google SERP search results on such devices.

Since more than 60% of Google searches made using smart phones, tables and so on you will be loosing a ton of traffic.

It will not affect your website rankings and SEO on desktop searches!
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Google latest update is mobile friendly released on 21 Apr, according to this update search ranking on mobile will affected.
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This new algorithm is launched to support mobile pages & their ranking in Search Results. Additional feature is to highlight website having mobile version.
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Honestly everybody speaks about the mobilegeddon but i don't noticed any changes on my sites....I hired some devs to make my site mobile friendly but no change in traffic until now....
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I still see websites that are not mobile friendly in search results when Goggling using my smart-phone Wink Probably it's still gaining momentum.

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