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Google PR (PageRank) update 2015?

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ivan Offline referral

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Do you know if Google finally updated website PR (PageRank)? It don't happen in 2014 so I guess it should happen this year 2015 right or maybe it already happened?

Any news?
micromaxsamsung7 Offline referral

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pr change or you ill get pr only when u get backlinks. google will get 3 months of time to updated
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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The last Google update happened in 2013! There are rumors that Google will not be updating Toolbar PageRank anymore!
stephenjoseph Offline referral

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It has been a long time since google's update about page rank, and there is a news also that google has stopped updating page rank. Lets see what happens in future days.
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PR is dead. Google may not be updating PR.

Google this topic

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