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Google Updates?

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There a 3 main Google algorithms I am aware of, Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. What makes them different and what each of them was designed for? In other words what role do they play in seo?
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Panda is targeting rankings and will increase them for high quality websites (Sites that have good content) and to drop rankings for low quality ones.
Penguin is targeting unnatural backlinks.
Hummingbird is targeting search results, making sure that the page is relevant to the search query as much as possible. This algorithms is responsible for traffic since it decides if the page shows or not in SERP!
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Panda - Invented to produce the good quality readable content to the human eyes.
Penguin - Invented to stop the Inorganic popularity
Hummingbird - Invented to show the search results of; what real user expects when typing the search query.

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