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Google change language ?

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I live in Russia and my Google search results are automatically displayed in Russian but I want all the results to shown in English how do I change Google search language?
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At the bottom of Google search engine page you will find Preferences click on it then on the left side you will see the link to Languages select your language and click save.
Remember that those settings are cookie controlled it means that is you delete your cookies you will have to this again!

Shortcut URL: https://www.google.com/preferences?hl=en&fg=1#languages
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If are signed in Google your settings will be stored automatically and so you can access Google in the same language whichever you want. But if it is not signed in then you have to do it manually under the settings option or you can use the shortcut - https://www.google.com/ncr
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it's easy in the google search bottom you can see the languages choose your language simple.
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yes its easy google bottom show the language we can change accordingly ...
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You must read google search manual. there are lots of useful options in their custom search.

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