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Google first page?

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What is the best free or paid way to get on Google search engine first page?
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To rank on the first page of Bing, Yahoo and Google for free the website has to comply with the latest SEO meaning have high quality content, PR (page-rank) and authority!

If you have plenty of money you can invest in "Google Adwords" and "Bing Ads"
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You should increase search engine authority try to avoid keywords in the anchor backlinks!
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If you want to get ranking via organic way, then do seo properly like:

1. On-page optimization - (Content, Meta, keyword density)
2. Off-page optimization - (High PR links, avoid spamming)

If you want quick results then go with Google Adwords or Bing Ads.

Both ways are very useful and you can achieve goal by doing above methods.
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Both way are best, but free way is long term service and paid way is short term service.
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For organic search, you have to spend more time to optimizing your website with perfect manner ..if you 90% strong with on-page, you will surely get the natural results...
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To rank top of the google, make your website On-page and Off-page optimization. That will rank fast on top of the google.
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These days to get on Google first page the website needs to publish original and high quality content + have on-page optimization done accordingly to Google standards (SEO guidelines). The rest will naturally occur like backlinks and traffic Smile
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In both ways you can make a website appear in first page of the google, by ranking in a free way your website stays for a pretty long time, based on the quality of your works, were as in the paid way your website stays in the top positions until your wallet is full.
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Have you considered working on social media sites? They can be a helpful way in driving traffic to your website.
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first you need more publicity means social media marketing and build good backlinks
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I think you can do Onpage and Offpage of the website than use the high pr site to use backlinking and try to SMO.
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On page gives better result and Off page (Good Quality Links) gives better organic result.

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