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Google impressions - How it works?

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Google impressions is really important for seo? My impressions right now are + 200% what does it mean? If impressions are important then how to increase it and how does Google calculate impressions?
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Yes impressions are very important in SEO!
Quote:Impressions: The number of times pages from your site were viewed in search results, and the percentage increase/decrease in the daily average impressions compared to the previous period. (The number of days per period defaults to 30, but you can change it at any time.)
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It is simply the number of times your SERPs had been shown in search results! It doesn't mean first page of Google it means first all the pages!
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It works the same way as AdSense or AdWords impressions meaning that every time your page is shown in Google search results you get an impression
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Judging by impressions you can tell right away if everything you do to improve SEO works or not! If your impressions are dropping is a bad sign stop and review everything you did for SEO and if the Google impressions are increasing then your SEO techniques are working great and you should continue doing the same thing!

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