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Google makes Quickoffice app free for Android and iOS

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Google has made Quickoffice mobile app free for both Android and iOS users.The Quickoffice suite allows viewing, editing and creation of Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, and allows users to store them on Google Drive, Google's cloud storage solution.
Google has also announced that if users sign in to their Google Account from the new Quickoffice app for Android or iOS by September 26, 2013, they'll get an extra 10GB of Google Drive storage for two years, which will be added to their account in the next few weeks.
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Great post Ramu! 10GB for every user and for free, I can even imagine how much data they are dealing with on a daily bases
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I wouldn't touch this with a 10 foot pole. No reason to be giving all this new data for free. Also WTF is is free 10GB for 2 years only??? Talk about moving away from their standards model.

I would stick with the best on Android Polaris Office, and add Paranoid Android for the OS, compiled yourself of course = Buttery Smooth with the least amount of Google possible. Hell I dont even use the play store on my android devices anymore, I install no extra Google apps.

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