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Google pays a fine of $ 22.5 million for using cookies

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Google has agreed to pay a fine of 22.5 million dollars for using cookies in Safari browser without the users consent.

When visiting websites that had Google advertising in it (Adsense) users of the Safari web browser were receiving an advertising tracking cookie with which the company (Google) were controlling the ads that were shown to users during their web browsing. This was clearly violation Apple browser Privacy Policy, which has a specific cookies management system.

According to FTC (Federal Trade Commission), even though Google said that users would be automatically removed from the tracking system in an agreement reached in 2011, the company didn't keep its word, and continued to benefit from browsing data compiled by the tracking cookie.

Although Google said that this infringement was unintentional, the fact is that this helped Google boost its earnings by showing users more relevant advertising. According to the consumer protection agency, the fine imposed on Google is the largest that the FTC ever imposed in the United States.
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Wow wasn't really expecting that from someone like Google!
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The easiest thing would be to disable cookies but then you will not be able to use Gmail and similar Google products, Google has everything wrap around it's advertising network!

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