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Google’s “Open Platform”, Android, Isn’t All That Open

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In an Google’s open platform, manufacturers and app developers should thrive. However, the term “open” has come to mean different things to different people. As a result of this discrepancy, many users complain that what Google touts as openness on their Android operating system, in reality, isn’t very open at all. Get More details below:

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Well it's the oldest marketing trick buddy. You create an or offer something for free just to hook people.
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Marcus is right! Free is always the popular word than anything! Google announced an Open platform - Free to use all its features, So why it made all peoples to look! then Google describes this is android Smile Vintage strategy but wins always.
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You should watch this documentary it's about Google and its free stuff.

The Virtual Revolution: The Cost Of Free
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For instance open source script is used to sell plugins which are not free lol Smile
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Didn't you notice that most apps are only partially free which means that you have to spend money to get your hands on a complete or full version.

Apps and video games is a great way to make money as there are so ways to make users pay you. BUT the product has to be well marketed and popular only then it will work. There is nothing better and more known as Google Smile

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