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Google search results SERP rankings?

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Why my website show on the first page of Google when I check rankings using my computer but when I use my buddy's it doesn't even show on top 100?
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Take a look at the bottom of your SERP result does it say some like:

Quote:You've visited this page many times. Last visit:

Every time you visit some website from search results Google sets a cookie on your browser so every time you search for something and if the web-site is in the SERP it usually shows on the first page!

Clear cookies and try again!
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SERP - The page of results you see after conducting a search in a search engine like Google.
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Please log out of the Google account, clear website cookies and try again if you still see your site on top of search results probably it's for real!

Now remember that website ranking from one country to another in one you can rank high and show on the first page and in another you won't even show at all.

Go to Google webmaster tools account >> search queries and find the keyword then check the average position in SERP!
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Make all cache clear. Delete all history records & then check. If you are logging into some account, please logout & then search.
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if your website is not visible on google you delete all old history such as tomorrow or yesterday also delete cookies.

Google this topic

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