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Google sitemap warning?

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Guys I have a sitemap warning showing in my webmaster tools account it says 503 detected 04/10/2013. 503 error is a server error code so my website has nothing to do with that, my sitemap.xml shows now OK, but the warning how to remove it or mark it as fixed or something?
maya Offline referral

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Do nothing it's not an error but just a warning to notify you about that Google couldn't download your sitemap that day due to 503 server error. If it shows that your sitemap has been downloaded and processed successfully then everything is OK
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Try resubmitting sitemap to Google could help.
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I constantly get these warnings and after I resubmit my sitemap it goes away!
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It's a normal thing that Google always does when the website is down! Make your website live for all the time helps avoiding this type of warnings. It is not possible to check all the time whether the website is alive or down.

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