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Grammar errors affect SEO?

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Lets say I have a good content optimized and everything like keywords density, proximity and stuff all to make make it as seo friendly as possible in other words it's perfect except that it has some grammar errors with this have a negative effect?
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Of course, it affects the SERP. Potential users considers the content with grammar mistakes is spam. Poorly written content sure will commit to suicide.

Mattcutt speaking about spelling & grammar mistakes affects SEO:

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The only effect I can think of is if you spell words wrong then Google will have hard time finding good keywords. Lets say you are trying to rank high for "Internet Marketing" if you spell it wrong then the content might be associated with some bogus keywords that have no search volume at all.
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Agree with invisible dude. If you can't spell a KW, it won't be ranked properly!
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Yes, it is still one of the parameters to get index by search engines effectively.
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yeah offcourse because it changes the complete keyword.
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Thank you for sharing this information.
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Sure, grammar error affect SEO result because if you are writing content with much error mistakes then nobody will like to read it.

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