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Graphics Design

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In graphic design, always expanding your knowledge will make more versatile and flexible designer. Technical macro skills like Typography, Page layout and Color theory are important tool for graphic designers. All graphic designers agree that Adobe software is key to their success, as are couple of Auto-desk product.
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If you deal with anything related to images or graphics then Photoshop is a must have tool. I am pretty sure there are many other good software on the market but Photoshop comes and have huge amount of tools available for any type of project.

When designing graphics you should design them relevant to the site or the place where they will be displayed.
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Top, Best alternatives to Photoshop:

01. GIMP
02. Paint.net
03. Pixlr
04. Serif PhotoPlus X7
05. Aperture
06. Acorn
07. Sketch
08. PaintShop Pro X6
09. Sumopaint
10. Pixelmator
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Great collection Maya, some of these I used before and some of them I still use on daily basis , for smaller tasks in combination with Photoshop.
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Very useful post. It is really informative to me.. I was finding this kind of stuff.

Thanks for sharing.
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Adobe software is the beast software a lot of designer use this very useful thread new idea for me.
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Graphic communication, otherwise called correspondence configuration, is the craftsmanship and routine with regards to arranging and anticipating thoughts and encounters with visual and literary substance. The shape it takes can be physical or virtual and can incorporate pictures, words, or illustrations.

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