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Guest posting good or bad for SEO?

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Lets say I have a blogger blog and a discussion forum that you like to add some more action to so I am thinking about allowing guest to post comment but before what do you think is is a good idea from the seo point of view?
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If this is someone who posts great content then I am pretty sure that person will create an account to post a comment to let everybody know who is the author. You are making it too easy for the spammers man. Abandon this idea before you destroy your SEO.
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This is absolutely a bad idea @ivan. Guest posting ; In other words anyone can post anything.

My Suggestions:
Allow guest blogging - Paid advertisers are expecting some high PR websites for blogging.
As like forums, If guest postings are under moderation - You can keep and have the SEO fruit all the time.

Bots can easily enter into your page to post comment - No matter how you design - Ubot & Zennoposter are some SEO automation tools - We can automate anything (up to 85%) in a website.

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