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Hi guys please help me to create Adsense account. I have seen many people struggling with Adsense approval so can you help me to get my Adsense account approved fast?
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Have you even read the Documentation? That is YOUR first step. Hand holding through these types of things will only hurt you in the long run as you will never properly grasp the entire system.

Learn what AdSense wants from a site in order to get approval
Learn what AdSense wants from you if approved
Learn what AdSense can do for your site
Learn what AdSense Ad sizes may be the best choices for you AND why
Learn what AdSense Location may be the best choices for you AND why
Learn why those people have such hard times getting approved, generally the top reason being they did not read AdSense DOC's and are just blindly applying and trying to use a system that Google protects very closely.

That is only a small taste of what you should be doing to learning the system you are trying to use. Never in your life will blindly going into a situation and just taking pot shots will it turn out the successful level you are hoping to achieve. Learning to help yourself is much better than asking for others to learn for you then regurgitate what is already littered around the internet.

If there are specific things you have seen people having issues with time and time again, did you find out why they had those issues. Then did you see if you are in the same situation? Being detailed in your questions enables others to be able to respond with the most direct and pertinent information. We do not even know the type of site you are trying to get approved for, as each type of site has its own issues when applying. Help us help you Smile
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Chod has nailed it! Learn what AdSense wants before you apply for Adsense account, this way you will increase chances of getting Adsense account approved!
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Google AdSense is the most popular option for monetizing online content, but sadly enough, many bloggers don't know how to create a Google Adsense account.
Creating a AdSense account is very easy thing to do and for being accepted you just need a website or a blog indexed by Google, which should contain a minimum of 10 pages and most important, not violating Google Adsense policies.
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make original video, upload youtube, then monetize,,
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thank you, really appreciate it Smile
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To get your #Adsense account approved fast create #youtube account then using to signup for Adsense
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Create Google adsense to make Google Id with websites which are really helpful for given idea that how to set up and step by step worked.
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Using your mail id, you can create your adsense account.
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first of all, You have to read all the rules and regulation of google Adsense in order to create an account and you should follow these rules then you can create your account.
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To create Google Adsense account go to Google Adsense website and register an account with them. Make sure you already have a website or blog to register first.
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Go to the Monetization page.
Go to "Review or change AdSense association."
From the AdSense Association page, click Change.
At the bottom of the page, select Yes, proceed to Google account sign in to choose the Google Account you want to use.
Accept the association and you'll be redirected back to YouTube.

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