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HTML Class vs Id

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Could you explain how to use CLASS and ID tag in HTML?
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ID tag is used to specify a style for a single, unique element.
CLASS tag is used to specify a style for a group of elements.
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ID is unique, Class is not unique.
ID will have extra browser abilities, Class will not
Elements can have both
Make sure you understand why to use one over the other.

There is a TON more about the differences here and you're best bet is to actually research more on you own and ask more indepth questions then.
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Here is the CSS difference between div id VS. div class

This is the HTML code

<div class="CSS-CLASS"> and <div id="CSS-ID">

This is the CSS code

.CSS-CLASS { color: blue }
#CSS-ID { color: red }
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Dissimilar to the id al-adha selector, the class selector will be The majority regularly utilized ahead a few components. This permits you with situated An specific style to a significant number html components with the same class. Those class selector utilization the html population attribute, What's more may be characterized for a ". " id al-adha is utilized At we must apply CSS property to person quality just.
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The id tag in html are unique and the class tag in html are not unique.
Id tag-each element can have only one id,
Class tag-use the same class on the multiple element.
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In HTML class is more used comparing to id. Class allows you to use a particular set of styles for manyy HTML elements. In simple way id is a unique selector for particular HTML element and Class can be used for multiple elements.
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i agree with above points
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class used to specify a style for a group of elements
CLASS tag is used to specify a style

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