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Hello Everyone

Can you suggest me that how can I do seo for an unlaunched website?
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if you want promote to your website on google. you can get all information, what is seo, how can use of the seo. go to google.com there are available full information about seo techniques.
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If you want your new website to quickly get indexed and start rankings in Google for multiple search queries/keywords before you lunch it please do decent on-site optimization. For Google first impression matters!

Optimize all your web-pages specially the home one add plenty of content in the above-fold section rich in keywords you are targeting.

Optimize title, description and H tags make sure they contain your keywords don't use your brand as it's not know and it's only wasting space!
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Before launching your website, make sure that you edit meta titles and meta descriptions. Sign up for google adword, google analaytics and make sure to submit your sitemaps to google webmater tools.
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Make all proper steps in optimizing a webpage. Start to develop your website according to SEO guidelines & directions. Once your site is up, you will get quickly catch up in SEO's eyes.
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I have completed following task for unlaunched website and can you suggest more activity for it:
1. Used Header Tag
2. Meta Tags
3. Keyword analysis
4. Apply Alt Tags
5. Social Media account creation

Please suggest which type of SEO work I can do for unlaunched website?

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