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Help Regarding Robots.txt

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Hi guys

User agent: *
Disallow: www. abc .com/products/123

Is that a right method of disallowing a file.

I am also familiar with

User agent:*
Disallow: /123

I just need to know if I write that file in the first given format. Does it make sense???? Or It will work?
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No need to specify domain name in robots.txt!

Disallow: /products/123 -> this will block this particular directory!

if you want to block all links in some directory use * symbol as so!

Disallow: /products/*
Disallow: /products/123*
Disallow: /products/123/*

In Google webmaster tools search console account there is a robots.txt tester use it!
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In robot.txt file ,We recommend that you read the full syntax of robots.txt files because the robots.txt syntax has some subtle behavior that you should understand.

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