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Help me to get Adsense account approved?

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yava Offline referral

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I had applied for an Adsense account 7 days ago yet I didn't get any emails from Google! I am afraid to apply for the second time.

What should I do how to get my account approved fast?
micromaxsamsung7 Offline referral

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go to weebly and applyfor google adsense from there u ill get ads approval ..
invisibe_dude Offline referral

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To get fast Adsense account approval simply create YouTube account and then apply for Adsense from there I guaranty you will get approved in 2 days max!
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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To get Adsense approved create a Blogger blog or as suggested above YouTube account and then use it when applying for and Adsense account!
maya Offline referral

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You should only apply for Adsense account once under some name buddy! Send them an email I mean to Adsense help let say what they have to say.
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Are you sure that your blog/the medium you want to earn through is eligible? I think its not a good idea to apply again in just a weeks time.

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