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Hide/Show text onclick event SEO?

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I have pretty some text just above website content that is pretty long and I would like to hide it and use onclick JavaScript to show it whenever user decides to see it. But since we are talking about hidden text here I am not sure what impact it might have on my seo?

Are you aware of any search engine friendly way to do it?
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There are many ways to show hidden text and hide it using jQuery or JavaScript but it's like playing Russian roulette with SEO it could backfire. Maybe try moving that text below main content.
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I don't think this will affect the SEO. Generally, websites uses javascripts for providing rich user experience. Search engine likes & index those on-click event content!. This is not something like cheating the bots.

Make the content works even the Javascript turned off!
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Could someone please post some code here that will work despite JavaScript being turned off.
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There are ways to make SEO friendly drop-down menu or to simply hide or show some extra text. BUT since Google is hardwired to seek and destroy websites that has hidden text you are taking lots of risks. There risk/reward ratio is just not there.

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