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How Adsense accepts my website

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How Adsense accepts my website?
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Follow the obvious rules and don't leave anything on your Website/blog that doesn't follow the quality guidelines! There will likely be a human reviewer, so make sure you just follow the rules at the time the review takes place.
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The website must have decent regular traffic and reputation in field which means the site must be established to be approved.
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(09-06-2018 04:48 PM)ahmed Wrote:  How Adsense accepts my website?

Your website has unique content then definitely they will accept
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1. Write High-Quality Content:
2. Create Privacy Page for Your Blog:
3. Create About Page:
4. Setup A Contact Us Page:
5. Verify Your Name and Email:
6. Have Some Good Number Of Posts:
7. Make Sure You’re 18+
8. Improve Your Blog Design:
9. Check Your Content Type:
10. Use Top Level Domain:
11. Remove Other Ad Networks:
12. Check Your Traffic Sources:

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