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How Can I get my website in to the first page of Bing.com?

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Many webmasters and seo experts seem to focus entirely on getting their website on Google first page but what about Bing and Yahoo they are also popular search engines that get tons of traffic. How to get website on Bing and Yahoo first page, will the same techniques that are applied to Google also work with Bing and Yahoo or they require another approach. So Bing first page how do I get there?
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To rank high in the search engine it doesn't matter either it's Google, Bing or Yahoo the website needs to have good content lots of dofollow backlinks and generality show the search engine that it's a genuine website and it means business only then the website will start ranking high!
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Pretty much the same way you are trying to get on Google first page! SEO is the same for all major search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
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I bet that if you nail Google SEO and get on the first page Bing and Yahoo will follow.

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