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How Do You Get Backlinks?

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How Do You Get Backlinks?
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There are 2 ways you can get back links. You can spend your time and effort on spreading the word about your site or you can create good content which will make people want to link to that good content thus creating free backlinks
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Backlinks for what?

Backlinks are a very sticky things these days and can dramatically hurt your rankings if you do not understand what is wanted from backlinks in 2013 vs even 2012. Also the type of site you're running will depend on this as well and many other factors.

But before I would spend the 10 minutes of my time giving more details, would be nice to see you expend some effort on your part to actually make this a meaningful and useful question for not only yourself but others on the internet.
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I would go with good content. Good content will help you to attract Google bot and if Google likes your website it will show it more often in the search which will result in more traffic with less back links
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Backlinks, conjointly called incoming links, arriving links, inlinks, and inward links, area unit incoming links to an internet site or website. In basic link nomenclature, a backlink is any link received by an internet node (web page, directory, website, or high level domain) from another internet node

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