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How Google knows that I am doing Black Hat SEO?

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I have been doing white hat seo for a long time but it didn't work out for me my website rankings remain the same so I am kind of interesting in black hat seo I wanna give it a show but I am wondering how can Google figure if I am using it?
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Do you even know what black hat SEO is all about? White hat SEO and Black Hat SEO are used to make your site search engine friendly however the major difference between them is that blackhat SEO uses unconventional methods to improve SEO the majority of which are well known not just by me but by Google as well.
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Black Hat SEO is commonly used to get backlinks so every time Google detects high amount of unnatural backlinks it will interpret that as black hat SEO.

There are many SEO experts working for Google and trust me they have programed Google to recognize it.
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Google Crawler is specially developed and designed for checking and analysis black hat optimization when your are using back hat methods.
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well it's a broad question. there are so many blackhat method and google detect it differently.
but generally google can detect blackhat method if it's look unnatural.
ex: all the traffic come from same ip, all link come from blog comment, all link using money keyword, etc.

PS: if you really care about your website, I suggest stay away from blackhat method. you never know how long until google caught you, and if they do, well game over man.

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