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How Many Agree Keyword Stuffing Help Improving Keyword Ranking in Google?

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I always believe Google is the only search engine working with advanced search spam algorithms, Almost an artificial intelligence for searchers.

But today i have discovered a website done massive keyword stuffing. Strangely that website is still ranking No 1 for the stuffed keyword in Google search results..

type this keyword "birthday gifts bangalore" open the first result in Google SERP, you can see how the keywords are stuffed inside the page.

So, What do you think? Is it a Google Spam Algorithm Glitch or Keyword Stuffing Still Works??
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Keeping the content long enough would allow you to add as much keywords in it as you can!

Google claims to have the antidote/alghoritm for every black hat seo out-there I can tell you it's totally BS. Most of the strategies work even more than ever cause of too many afraid webmasters.

If the website is about "how to make money online" you should stuff as much keywords as you can relevant to this niche this ensures that the website will be ranking for multiple search queries!

Be smart don't repeat the same keyword over and over and over ..... again. Keep in mind proximity not density.

Do you realize that if you stumble upon some internet forum with a hot discussion topic it will have keywords stuffing all over it as pretty much each reply will contains same keywrds.
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at present keyword has nothing to do with SEO, its has become more complicated

Google this topic

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