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How Much Does #1 Google Ranking Cost?

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I know by the fact that seo is not free. But I would like some seo experts to tell me how How much does Google #1 ranking worth?
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It depends on many factors such as:

Website niche (keywords website is targeting)
Site current situation (Ranking, PR, backlinks)
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In an average a SEO expert charges $25 per hour so it will roughly set you back $500 a month. All this SEO can be easily done by yourself and for free all you need is patience and the will to learn. There are many free eBooks available download them and begin studding. if you are lazy then pay the money Smile
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Its purely depends on your targeting market. Each SEO persons has their own way of SEO work styles... likewise their charges.
Seoclerks and Fiverr members running the whole SEO campaigns for only 30$-60$...May be an unwarranted service. And some charge high based on the QOS.
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In India.. it will cost you hardly $300 to get good position on google search engine.

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