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How To Do Keyword Research Trick!

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For the success in the internet is absolutely essential that the web site shows on Google first page or ranks very high in Google for the variety on keywords or queries! There are many keyword planning, generating, researching tools but if you are wondering if there is an easier way to come up with keywords then the answers is YES! The tool we are going to use is called Google Instant. Google Instant works just like Google Planer but in real time so lets just pretend we want to start targeting keyword " seo" we can't just start ranking high for this keyword because it's a very competitive keyword and the website has to have high Page-rank to rank for that keyword so instead we will start by targeting less competitive keywords and slowly gain reputation and rankings so that one day our site will finally rank high for very competitive keywords! How to find those less competitive keywords... easy, all you have to do is to type word " seo" into Google search engine and lots of keywords relative to " seo" will show those keywords for now are out of our reach so the next step is to pick one keyword from the list and type that keyword into Google search again lets just pretend we picked the keyword " seo Experts" it's still a competitive keyword so we need to find another one, type " seo Experts" into Google and add space Google will show keywords relative to the keyword we have just entered from the list pick a keyword you think you can target and if you need even more keywords then repeat the whole process as many times as needed!
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Thanks @SureNot for this SEO thick! I've been using Google Instant for keyword research for a long time and I can't understand why so many don't like it! It's such a useful tool that every webmaster should know about!
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Awesome Google trick indeed thanks I will definitely follow your advise and use Google Instant more often for keywords research Smile
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That is what I use sometimes too lol, thanks for bringing it up
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reaaly nice share mate
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Most of your competitors will have meta keywords in their html.

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