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Free exposure for your site from page one of Google search engine. I'll show you exactly how you can do it even if your website is brand new and never had any traffic before!

Hi I am Victor and my job today is to show you how to get instant exposure, high search engine rankings and huge numbers of free visitors to your website even if your site is brand new or if you've never been able to get traffic before, I guarantee you'll be able to get visitors fast when you follow these simple steps.

I will reveal a secret to dominate Google Yahoo and Bing virtually overnight, you'll be able to instantly get exposure, rankings and traffic to your site.

When you see all those success stories about people making millions of dollars online, that ONLY happens because they have hordes of people visiting their websites. Obviously you want to get as many people as possible to visit your site because those people will make you money!

First let's define a couple of terms you'll hear, so I can make sure you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Website Visitors - People who show up at your website, they're also referred to ask "Traffic"
These visitors can make you money in several ways, by making a purchase or clicking on an AD on your site.

No matter how you choose to make money from your site, getting lots of visitors is essential! Remember if you don't have any traffic you don't make any money, without traffic, you might as well not even have a website.

There are two basic ways to get traffic - Paid and Free.

"Paid traffic" means that you buy advertising so people will (hopefully) click on your ads and visit your site, paid traffic should only be used by experienced marketers with finely tuned selling systems otherwise you lose your shirt and maybe a whole lot more!

"Free traffic" means you get people to visit your website for free without paying a dime. This is the best kind of traffic for most website owners (especially new websites) and can bring the highest profits.

Obviously - you can make much more money if all the visitors to your website are free so we're going to focus on getting you free traffic - the kind with the most profits okay?

Here's the secret to get instant exposure, high search engine rankings and free traffic fast!

We call this Free ride"

No matter what niche you're in there are high traffic sites to have just the people that you want!
When you follow these simple steps you can get a "Free Ride" on those high traffic sites. The "Free Ride" will get you instant exposure and free traffic.

Here's how to use the "Free Ride".

Step 1: Make a big list of all the keywords that are pertinent to your niche.

Step 2: Search each keyword in Google Yahoo and Bing.

Step 3: From the top 10 results copy down the sites where you can post a message right now. You want to list blogs, forums and Q&A sites (like Yahoo Answers). This list of sites is like the "Holy Grail" of online marketing! You already know that Google Yahoo and Bing are sending traffic in your niche to those exact sites, you saw these sites in the top 10 results, so you know they're hot, plus - you know the links on these sites are high quality because they already have top rankings in the search engines.

All you need to do is put a short message on these sites about what they can get on your site. Just skim through what is already written on their pages and create a short message that continues the conversation or answers a question someone had!

For example, if your site is about weight loss you could say..

I had trouble losing weight too but I finally found the system that works for me and my friends.
I have free info about this on my site at "www.yoursite.com"

You get instant exposure, great backlinks and free traffic just by putting a quick message on these sites. You get two huge benefits from getting mentioned on these targeted high traffic sites.

Benefit #1 - Instant Exposure:
These sites have visitors right now so your site can be seen as soon as it's on there.

Benefit #2 - High Quality Backlinks:
Links from other sites to your site are a big part of how the search engines rank each web page, when you have more links you generally win the ranking battle!

I know that might seem like a lot of work to create the keyword list, do the searchers and copy down all the top sites, but if you'll do it you'll definitely get awesome results!
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Great post Victor keep it going people need more of these! Getting free traffic is extremely hard but I guess is you dedicate enough time to it then it might actually produce some good results. Ranking is all about good quality backlinks so make sure you keep that in mind!
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Great post! The only problem that I see is the fact that most of the forums, blogs and pretty much all the websites that allow comments will add rel="nofollow" to your link so this will not help ranking though it may help getting free traffic!
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(12-16-2013 01:29 PM)Maya Wrote:  Great post! The only problem that I see is the fact that most of the forums, blogs and pretty much all the websites that allow comments wil...

Who cares if its nofollow if their users click your link?

Be very careful doing this and it will work. But there are catches to this method as well. While it will work and could be considered safe enough. Depending on your method this could bite you in the ass as well.

Good luck
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Instead of spamming which will most likely get you banned you can actually contribute to that forum let users know that you mean business so that they will trust you then add a signature or something!

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